Monday, January 11, 2010

Still Alive

It seems like my life takes a hold of me sometimes. We have been so busy and I haven't posted anything! I am still alive a doing great. Over the holidays we seemed to have something everyday. Although it was all fun it was exhausting. As soon as things slowed down Mark had surgery and we have spent LOTS of relaxing family time together. Mark misses the active outdoor family time but we will get back there soon.

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Tooth Fairy

Kensley lost another tooth on the bottom. After about 10 pictures I finally got these. (She closes her eyes lol) Such a cutie!

The next morning she ran in my room to show me what the Tooth Fairy brought her.

Volleyball Girls

Kensley played volleyball for the first time. She was the youngest on the team. She was super shy at first and didn't go for the ball at all. She grew so much by the end. She was serving and returning the ball. There were lots of teams in both of their divisions but some how they both got to be on the pink team. They were just both so darn CUTE! Kaytlyn did awesome as always. There were several games she served 4 times in a row all 3 times. She returned the ball constantly and just did awesome!

Kaytlyn and Gabby.

Kensley in position :)

A quick picture between games.

Grammie and Grandpa came to see. Aunt Jaime came to see both girls too.

Our family

Pink Cheetahs

Pink Ladies

Volleyball Camp

Kaytlyn and Kensley had 3 fun days of Volleyball camp. Kensley was a little unsure but she learned a ton. Kaytlyn loved every minute of it.

Happy 9th Birthday Kayley!

I made a texas sheet cake for Kayley's Birthday.
Happy 9th Birthday Kayley!
Such a spoiled girl, but boy does she deserve it!
Johnson Birthday party.


We spent Kayley's Birthday at the cabin. We had such a great time. We got in a lot of quality family time. I kept forgetting what I got for Kayley. I even had to take 2 things back. Wow she made out this year.

Jarman family party.

June Birthdays

Wow that's a lot of cousins! We got together for June Birthdays at Lori's house. We love to swim over there.
Silly faces.

Corri seemed to love to throw people in! Ami, Melissa, Lindsey, and yes ME. I have to say he had some help with Melissa and Lindsey all of the guys were in on it. Janie sneakily took my camera and in I went. So much for taking pictures :).

Ken and her daddy.

Kayley the Artist

I signed Kayley up for a craft class. She was so excited to go. She had a blast and the teachers just raved about how sweet and great she was.
On her first day she made these crafts.